BIenneBI srl was founded by Nando Bonomini in 1950. After being entrusted to his son Vito Bonomini; since 1987 it has been led by his grandson Sauro Bonomini. The years of experience and the notoriety that the company has achieved during the production of items for fixtures and various small brass parts, means that it can boast a deep manufacturing culture that distinguishes Valle Sabbia and the province of Brescia. The characterizing factor of the corporate identity is that of investing resources and energy in order to be a true partner of the customer, well beyond the role of supplier.


In fact, dialogue with leading companies throughout the world has developed an entrepreneurial culture solidly based on the union between:


- Reliability

- Robustness

- Product style


without ever renouncing the competitiveness of prices BienneBi constantly invests in technological innovation and training, representing for its customers a partner able to recommend the solution suitable for each specific need.





- Tradition

- Quality

- Design





Over fifty years of specialist experience, the ability to constantly monitor market expectations and a concrete commitment to quality make BIenneBI a valid international reference in the production of items for fixtures and various small brass parts.


Personality that can be seen immediately by consulting catalog and website, the main testimony of a commitment of which the company is proud: a repertoire of opportunities in which the breadth of the range, the exclusivity of the models, the qualitative attention and the level of finishes stand out.


In this sense, the company considers the website and the catalog of concrete work tools, integral parts of the service offered to customers, which starts from facilitating the choice of products and develops with the activity of the Technical Office, always available. for advice, advice and to create new projects based on each specific need and expectation.





BIenneBI invests heavily both in health and safety policy in the workplace and in the quality system. As a demonstration of this, the company has implemented:


- SGSL MOG.231 system of Legislative Decree 231/01 in accordance with the SGSL MOG.231 UNI ISO 45001.2018 norm and standard (March 2018 edition).


- CERTIFICATION of the QUALITY system relating to ISO 9001:2015 issued by TUV SUD ITALIA in May 2018.